School-Radio FAQs

General School-Radio Questions

Where is this service available?

School-Radio is available in areas across the United States that offers cellular service.

Do I need to purchase your radios to use your system?

With our Managed Services Program, the radios are included in the monthly cost.

What is the Managed Services Program?

The managed services program offers Push-To-Talk Services at a fixed budget point. The program includes the device, service, and maintenance at a single monthly cost. There is no expensive infrastructure or FCC license required!

I see the term PoC used. What does that mean?

PoC stands for Push-To-Talk Over Cellular. PoC combines the traditional functionality of two-way radio with the nationwide coverage of a cell phone carrier. With this new push-to-talk technology, users can communicate over much larger areas than normal two-way radios.

Is there a mobile radio available for in-vehicle use?

Yes, the SR-500 is our mobile radio. No need for base radio, or repeaters.

We have a need to be able to privately call radios without our entire staff listening in.  Is this something you can help us with?

YES!  The entire School-Radio line is capable of individual calling if you desire.  We can even restrict which radios have it available and which do not.

Fantastic!  … but this is going to cost extra, right?

Not at all.  Private calling and extra talk groups are all included in your monthly fee.

Do your radios have emergency SOS capabilities?

Yes, all our radios have an emergency SOS button.

Do you have a FirstNet Ready™ two-way radios?

Yes, we do have FirstNet Ready devices for qualified accounts. Please click here to find out more about FirstNet.

Can is see School-Radio in action?

We attend trade shows all over the country. See a list of upcoming shows.

Dispatch/GPS/App Questions

Can my staff communicate via desktop interface instead of having a radio on their desk?

Yes, they can communicate via our Desktop Dispatch Software; all you need is a speaker, simple USB microphone, and an internet connection.

Do all your radios come with the option of GPS tracking?

Yes, GPS tracking is an option on all your radios for an additional monthly charge

Compliance Questions

Can my employees use cell phones when they are driving my commercial vehicles?

Using a cell phone for texting or talking while operating a commercial vehicle is illegal.  Fines, penalties, even the disqualification of your CDL could be the result of driving while using a mobile phone (source: FMCSA). 

Are Diga-Talk+ two-way radios compliant in states with laws against using cell phones while driving?

Yes, our portable two-way radios and mobile two-way radios are compliant with hands-free operational laws.