About School-Radio

Affordable Two-Way Radio Solutions For Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools

Two-Way Radios Designed for Schools

School-Radio provides affordable, easy-to-use communication and GPS tracking solutions for schools. Our products help keep students safe and improve school operations. With School-Radio, administrators can communicate with staff and students quickly and easily, no matter where they are. In addition, our dispatch console and GPS tracking software give schools real-time location information for staff, buses, and other vehicles.

What Is Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC)

School-Radio uses Push-To-Talk Over Cellular technology, combining the basic Push-To-Talk form factor and features with smartphone connectivity into a single device. Additionally, two-way PoC radios utilize the 4G secure network to greatly reduce coverage issues experienced by traditional Push-To-Talk devices. Another key point is that you can communicate locally, regionally, or nationally using the mobile phone data network, instead of radio waves.

The School-Radio Difference

Keeping students safe on buses, in classes, on school grounds, and at sporting events is a primary concern for all school districts. With the push of a button and near-instant connection, schools and transportation companies can communicate in a building, on a bus, or across town, with coverage wherever you go!

Uses For Radios in K-12 Schools

Everyday School Communications

  • Details about bus pick-up, drop-off, and late arrivals or emergencies
  • Notify the maintenance staff of issues in the building
  • Teachers can call for assistance without leaving the students unattended in a classroom
  • Floating staff like nurses, school psychologists, and speech therapists who travel to other schools in the district will not lose connection outside your building

Communicate Clearly in an Emergency

Emergency School Communications

  • Alerting security when assistance is needed for an incident in the school
  • Notification of unwanted visitors at the front desk
  • Life-threatening emergencies
  • Reaching the nurse for a medical situation
  • Communication of severe weather emergencies such as hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes
  • Giving real-time updates to authorities outside the school

School-Radio Features and Benefits

Managed Services Program

The program includes the device, service, and maintenance at a single monthly cost.

Security & Safety

Critical communication can take place securely and near-instantly with the push of a button.

Easy Budgeting

The School-Radio platform provides consistent monthly billing throughout the year.

No Downtime

We offer worry-free replacement; we always have extra radios on hand in case one needs repair.

No Upfront Costs

We supply all the portable and mobile radios for your school without any upfront fees with your agreement.


Allows you to keep track of employees and buses and communicate with them no matter where they are.

No Repair Costs

Broken or damaged radios will be replaced at any time during the life of the agreement.

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We Are FirstNet Ready™

We also have FirstNet® devices are also available for qualified accounts.

Upcoming Trade Shows

School-Radio attends trade shows and conventions for school security, communication, and pupil transportation across the country. Click here to see our list of upcoming shows in 2023.

We transport almost 100,000 students each day, many with special needs. We are in constant contact with our drivers on the road and we need a very reliable radio system that’s easy to use. We have an excellent radio system we can be confident in, especially during times of emergencies.
John Benish, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer Cook-Illinois