Founder and managing partner of A Beep LLC, featured in Mission Critical Communications magazine

Company President, Frank Anderson is featured in the March 2019 Mission Critical Magazine. Here is the full interview.
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New National Dealer Manager Named for Diga-Talk Plus

Patricia Ryg joins the company from Primus Electronics, a wholesale distributor of wireless products, where she was Primus' LMR dealer sales manager. Ryg is a long-time industry veteran with sales experience at Hutton Communications, Tait Communications and Communications Associates. She is a fellow of the Radio Club of America (RCA).
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pdvWireless Transfers MOTOTRBO Customers, to A-Beep LLC

pdvWireless entered a customer acquisition and resale agreement with A Beep and a customer acquisition, resale and licensing agreement with Goosetown Enterprises, along with a memorandum of understanding with the principals of Goosetown. pdvWireless will continue operating trunked facilities in the markets in which customers are being transferred and in other markets in which it holds FCC licenses.
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VHF or UHF? You Decide!

There are two main options when choosing a two-way radio, VHF or UHF. Many people do not understand the differences between these two frequency ranges, however, they should so that they will be able to more effectively choose the right option to fill their communication needs.
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The Benefits of Digital over Analog Radios

Analog radios have been around for a long time, but now a new technology is taking over the two-way radio game, namely digital radios. Read more to see how this newer technology can save you money and help provide you with improved communication services.
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FCC Narrowbanding Deadline

The FCC has mandated all radios must become narrow band complaint by Jan 1, 2013. Read more to find out how this can affect you or your business.
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How We Can Help: Schoolbus Edition

Communication is an integral component in the administration of any school. Without communication, time is wasted, mistakes are made and nothing goes as planned. Two-way radios are a great tool for communication and are essential in the successful running of a school. Having radios in buses provides many benefits for you
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