The ceiling of innovation for analog radios has been reached. We’ve done everything we can with them and the time has come to move forward with a new technology that is up to the communication challenges facing modern businesses. Digital radios are this new technology for the following reasons: · Greater calling capacity. · Enhanced voice clarity. · Higher-quality coverage with less dead zones. · Higher availability of software applications. · Greater security through encryption. · Longer battery life. Digital radios can help your business meet its communication goals in the best way possible. Digital radios are more “green” or eco-friendly because they use less power due to more efficient transmitters, this means they cost you less to run and run longer on a charge. Additionally, digital radios can differentiate between voice and background noise, canceling out unwanted audio. This leads to clearer, crisper audio that can be more easily understood. This makes digital radios ideal for loud or noisy environments Essentially, digital radios are more efficient in just about every way. They also use less bandwidth, which allows for simultaneous talking paths. This helps to allow them to send additional information when the radio is keyed up, such as Unit ID, status and enhanced text messages.

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