Frequently Asked Questions




  1. What comes with the radio when I buy it?  When purchasing a portable radio you have the option to either purchase a radio and belt clip or a package that includes radio & clip, battery, charger w/power supply and in most cases an antenna.


  1. Does the radio work out of the box?  No most radios require programming before they can be used.  However, the Kenwood ProTalk series radios come pre-programmed and can be used directly out of the box, with no further programming required.


  1. How do you know if a radio is UHF or VHF?  By the information programmed into the radio.  If you do not have this information a radio shop service dept. can get it from your present radio.  This is information that one should be aware of before purchasing a radio.


  1. What is the difference between UHF and VHF?  Typically UHF has a frequency bandwidth of 400-470 MHz or 450-520 MHz.  VHF has a frequency bandwidth of 136-174 MHz.  Again, this is information one should be aware of before making a purchase.


  1. Why do you need to use repeaters or repeater service?  Repeaters can drastically increase the range of your system.  Additonally, repeaters also help to eliminate dead spots, or small patches where radio coverage is less than ideal, and provide an even higher level of reliability.


  1. What is the range of a radio?  The range of radios can vary hugely depending on what model of radio you are using and how much power that model has.  A typical portable (handheld) radio with 4 watts of power might have a range of about 2 mi. between two people who wish to talk to each other as long as there is no interference with the signal such as dense tree population, tall buildings etc.


  1. Can you use radios without repeaters or repeater service?  You can, however your range will be drastically reduced and your reception wont be as good as it would be with a signal from a repeater.


  1. Do you need an FCC License?  If you are running on an FRS (family radio service) system you dont need an FCC license, however, almost all commercial applications require a license from the FCC.


  1. What is your least expensive radio?  We understand your desire to save money and would be more than happy to help you with that goal but going immediately to the cheapest option isnt necessarily the best.  A childs walkie-talkie is a radio however it wouldnt be practical for many business applications.  Your best option is to contact one of our sales people, who can help to get you set up on the best system for your individual situation regardless of what your budget is.
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